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Unique identifier OMICS_22826
Name LED
Alternative name Lipase Engineering Database
Restrictions to use None
Community driven No
Data access Browse
User data submission Not allowed
Version 3.0
Maintained Yes


  • person_outline Jurgen Pleiss

Publication for Lipase Engineering Database

LED citations


Comparative Genomics of Smut Pathogens: Insights From Orphans and Positively Selected Genes Into Host Specialization

Front Microbiol
PMCID: 5897528
PMID: 29681893
DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.00660

[…] 1b2 package and the dbCAN HMM profile database (). The hmmscan-parser script provided by dbCAN was used to select significant matches. Searches for lipases were also performed with Hmmscan using the “Lipase Engineering Database” (). Putative peptidases were identified by using batch BLAST at the MEROPS server (). The secondary metabolite biosynthesis clusters were predicted by AntiSMASH web versio […]


Genome Wide Analysis of Corynespora cassiicola Leaf Fall Disease Putative Effectors

Front Microbiol
PMCID: 5840194
PMID: 29551995
DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.00276

[…] nsidered as putative CAZymes if detected by both the Blast (E = 1e-5) and Pfam methods.Lipases were identified in fungal genomes using predicted protein sequences as queries and hmm profiles from the Lipase Engineering Database v3 (http://www.led.uni-stuttgart.de) and hmmsearch (HMMER 3.1b1; http://hmmer.org/) with an E-value inclusion threshold set at 0.01.Proteases were identified in fungal geno […]


Fungal Screening on Olive Oil for Extracellular Triacylglycerol Lipases: Selection of a Trichoderma harzianum Strain and Genome Wide Search for the Genes

PMCID: 5852558
PMID: 29370083
DOI: 10.3390/genes9020062

[…] ed candidate was also examined in the genomic portal (clicking on the ID number) to search automatic annotations.The complete amino acid sequence of each candidate was submitted by BLASTp to the LED (Lipase Engineering Database) [] and ESTHER Database (ESTerases and alpha/beta-Hydrolase Enzymes and Relatives) [] to inference class, parent family and probable function through the use of annotation […]


The genome sequence of Bipolaris cookei reveals mechanisms of pathogenesis underlying target leaf spot of sorghum

Sci Rep
PMCID: 5722872
PMID: 29222463
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-17476-x

[…] prising the putative secretome) were further categorized into secreted proteases, lipases and peroxidases by performing BLAST searches against the MEROPS database v11, Fungal Peroxidase Database, and Lipase Engineering Database, respectively, with a maximum e-value of 1e-5. Secreted proteins classified as effectors according to EffectorP v1.0, or containing less than 300 amino acids with at least […]


Apophysomyces variabilis: draft genome sequence and comparison of predictive virulence determinants with other medically important Mucorales

BMC Genomics
PMCID: 5604411
PMID: 28923009
DOI: 10.1186/s12864-017-4136-1

[…] nd endoplasmic reticulum localisation motif []. The predicted secreted proteins were annotated using BLASTp query search (e value = 10^-5): dbCAN was used to predict CAZymes, MEROPS for peptidase and Lipase Engineering Database for lipase prediction [, , ]. […]


Draft Genome Sequence of a Lipolytic Yeast, Candida aaseri SH 14

Genome Announc
PMCID: 5477333
PMID: 28522723
DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.00373-17

[…] e lipase genes is available from http://genoglobe.kr/kribb/candida_aaseri_2017, where the classification of the putative lipases was based on the oxyanion hole and conserved pentapeptide found in the Lipase Engineering Database (LED) (, ). […]


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LED institution(s)
Institute of Technical Biochemistry, University of Stuttgart, Germany
LED funding source(s)
Supported by the BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, Germany.

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