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BASE / BioArray Software Environment

A comprehensive free web-based database LIMS solution for tracking of information and data generated in sequencing and microarray experiments from sample to analysis. The information management system tracks all material from biosource, via sample and through extraction and labelling to raw data and analysis. All items in BASE can be annotated and the annotations can be used as experimental factors in downstream analysis. BASE stores all microarray experiment related data regardless if analysis tools for specific techniques or data formats are readily available. The BASE team is committed to continue improving and extending BASE to make it usable for even more experimental setups and techniques, and we encourage other groups to target their specific needs leveraging on the infrastructure provided by BASE.

openBIS / open Biology Information System

Allows academic life science laboratories to add, edit, browse and search their data. openBIS consists of two interconnected parts: the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), where the information about materials and methods is stored and kept up to date and the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), where data obtained from experiments are uploaded and annotated. The platform is pre-set with sensible defaults and ready for use. It can be customized and extended, as shown by the integration of PlasMapper and BLAST.

GNomEx / Genomic Experiment Data Repository and Core LIMS

A software solution that documents information about microarray and signature sequencing experimental parameters. GNomEx serves as both a data repository and as a laboratory information management system that records information relevant to all steps of the experimental process. Functionality of this software includes management of client and lab group information, ability for researchers to electronically submit and annotate experimental requests, workflow tracking of experimental processes, organization and distribution of experiment results and associated analysis, and electronic invoicing and billing capabilities.

STATegra EMS / STATegra Experiment Management System

Permits storage and annotation of complex Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and omics experiments. STATegra EMS has as primary goal the annotation of experiments designed and run at individual research laboratories. It provides modules for the definition of omics experiments, samples and analysis workflows. This tool is able to incorporate data from different analytical platforms and sequencing services with great flexibility. It allows samples and analyses to belong to different experiments in order to accommodate possible connections between experiments.

iLAP / Laboratory data management, Analysis and Protocol development

Assists in creating and managing experimental protocols and in analyzing laboratory data. iLAP is a workflow-driven information management system for protocol development and data management. It combines experimental protocol development, wizard-based data acquisition, and high-throughput data analysis into a single integrated system. It also enables collaboration and data sharing between scientists using iLAP on a user or institutional level as well as protocol transfer with external users.


Permits bridging clinical and basic molecular research studies. adLIMS is a laboratory information management tool that assists users in handling different types of scientific data. It uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques and next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods, to perform high-throughput integration site monitoring in different clinical trials and scientific projects. This program can be extended to incorporate enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as CRM, supply chain management, billing and accounting.


Accelerates research by simplifying analysis using sophisticated, fully automated solutions powered by the latest technologies. novoWorxTM is a comprehensive Genome Data Management and Analytics Platform to meet the growing need for working with large sequencing datasets. It is a combination of unique proprietary software and open source modules to decipher your big data into meaningful results. The platform uses the best practice in running millions of reads to provide clear insights from your NGS data to drive your research further.

Exemplar LIMS

A system built to handle the NGS sample tracking and processing needs of clinical or research laboratories. Exemplar provides complete tracking of samples through the NGS pipeline from request through sample processing and results delivery. It provides automation integration as needed, along with preconfigured NGS workflows, management level dashboards, full consumables management and support for regulatory compliance such as CLIA. The dynamic nature of the NGS lab requires a LIMS that can adapt quickly to changing protocols and platforms.

Nautilus LIMS

A flexible, configurable system that increases workflow efficiency, throughput and data reliability while simplifying administration, sample tracability and regulatory compliance. Nautilus LIMS is easy-to-use toolkits which allow quick configuration to keep up with the pace of operations, helping managers make better-informed decisions, faster than ever. It offers an intuitive web interface facilitates communication and interaction with systems throughout the organization as well as with partner facilities and regulatory agencies.

GeneInsight Suite

Offers a laboratory/knowledge management system. GeneInsight Suite is composed of GeneInsight (GI) Lab and GeneInsight Clinic. It enables organizations using GI Lab to communicate with organizations using GI Clinic. The tool can be used for laboratory information management systems and electronic health records. It was created to establish the networking components needed to cost-effectively and securely link together providers, laboratories, and other sources of curated genetic knowledge.


Tracks the process queues and quality of samples through the production pipeline would be very useful to large and medium scale sequencing laboratories. Kaleidaseq also provides a complete, concise, and easily accessible summary of the data flow in a large-scale sequencing setup. Its benefit has been to allow the production coordinators to determine the process queues sorted by project and team, and to monitor the quality in a simple and timely manner. Data are available online as soon as they are entered. The quality monitoring tools that it provides have proved extremely useful to decision makers in resolving slumps in quality and maintaining a stable daily performance level. Kaleidaseq has proved to be a valuable tool in our effort to deliver high-quality genomic sequence at a lower price.