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An open-source information management system for biological laboratories. The system tracks information on all reagents within the laboratory, including specific properties of each reagent (i.e. sequences, external identifiers), and on all the physical preparations of these reagents (storage locations, physical characteristics). Complementing this repository are workflow tools, such as primer design and automated feature mapping, making OpenFreezer a valuable tool for the bench scientist.
An open-source, extendable workflow management system for synthetic biology projects with entry points for oligos and larger DNA constructs and ending with sequence-verified clones. s. Parts are constructed through a series of unit operations. Each operation has well-defined characteristics: (i) input reagents; (ii) output products; (iii) status (e.g. pending, done); (iv) quality control metrics; (v) a protocol for converting the input to output and performing quality assessment and quality control.
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