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Stores resources relevant to the study of susceptibility of Type 1 Diabetes (TID). T1Dbase incorporates data from a variety of public data sets into a disease agnostic core database. The platform contains a simple sequence search tool that uses the BLAT software to search human and mouse T1D regions. T1DBase allows the integration of complex and disparates data sets thereby linking large scale expression, genetics and genomics resources with support for integrated querying and visualization to enhance T1D research.
IQdb / IQ genetic database
Provides a reference dataset for understanding the mechanisms of human intelligence. IQ genetic database permits the exploration of intelligence quotient (IQ)-associated human genes. It enables users to rapidly search and retrieve summarized IQ-associated genes. The database aims to assist and to elucidate the relationship between IQ score and genetic risk factors in mental disorders. It can be useful for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of some intelligence-related mental disorders.
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