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MP / Mammalian Phenotype Ontology

A structured vocabulary for describing mammalian phenotypes and serves as a critical tool for efficient annotation and comprehensive retrieval of phenotype data. MP Ontology contains broad and specific terms, facilitating annotation of data from initial observations or screens and detailed data from subsequent experimental research. It is a ‘‘precomposed’’ ontology, structured as a directed acyclic graph and using phenotype terms recognized by research biologists and clinicians that include simple compound concepts and aggregate concepts.

RS / Rat Strain ontology

Permits to annotate rat strains in a standardized manner. RS reflects the breeding history and genetic makeup of the strains to facilitate querying and retrieval, analysis and comparisons amongst strains. The ontology has be adapted to classify all of the wild type, heterozygous, and homozygous strains, with the mutants further grouped under these strain subtypes. It can help researchers in predicting the genomic contents a particular strain may have inherited from the parental strains.