MARKETING TEAM - Marketing teams and life sciences sales

Track life science trends to leverage strategies & decision-making

Effective marketing and sales strategies rely on trend mapping and competitive landscape analyses. The omicX platform delivers smart insights, in real-time, to facilitate product strategy definition and accelerate drug development and discovery decision-making processes.

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Looking to identify usage trends or leading experts?

How marketing teams use omicX

Convince customers that your product is the best

We track citations to help you promote and market usage of your product.

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Identify new prospects

Target new users by mapping user and research needs and comparing existing offers to actual demand.

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Benchmark the competition

Map the competitive landscape to identify new product releases and ascertain which sectors these new products appeal to.

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Forge new alliances

Identify and analyze existing and potential collaboration opportunities based on product co-citations and levels of interest per research field.

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Prioritize development activities

Map the latest trends to identify exciting technological shifts so that you can fine-tune your go-to-market strategies accordingly.

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