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An approach for studying the impact of missense mutations in proteins. mCSM, which relies on graph-based signatures, was successfully applied and evaluated in different predictive tasks and was shown to outperform earlier methods.

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  • Douglas E. V. Pires <dpires at dcc.ufmg.br>


Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 1GA, UK

  • (Pires et al., 2013) mCSM: predicting the effects of mutations in proteins using graph-based signatures. Bioinformatics.
    PMID: 24281696
  • (Potapov et al., 2009) Assessing computational methods for predicting protein stability upon mutation: good on average but not in the details. PEDS.
    PMID: 19561092
  • (Khan and Vihinen, 2010) Performance of protein stability predictors. Human mutation.
    PMID: 20232415

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