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M@CBETH | A microarray classification benchmarking tool


Performs microarray classification by providing prediction classification methods using randomizations of the benchmarking dataset. M@CBETH offers two services: benchmarking and prediction. Benchmarking, the main service, involves selection and training of an optimal model based on the submitted benchmarking dataset and corresponding class labels. This model is then stored for immediate or later use on prospective data. By using the prediction service, M@CBETH offers a way for later evaluation of prospective data by reusing an existing optimal prediction model. This tool was designed for the classification of patient samples, supposing microarray data are represented by an expression matrix characterized by high dimensionality in the sense of a small number of patients and a large number of gene expression levels for each patient.

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M@CBETH classification

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MicroArray Classification BEnchmarking Tool on Host server
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This tool is not available anymore.


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K U Leuven, ESAT-SCD, Leuven (Heverlee), Belgium

Funding source(s)

Supported by Research Council KUL: GOAAMBioRICS, IDO (IOTA Oncology, Genetic networks), several PhD/postdoc and fellow grants; Flemish Government: FWO: PhD/postdoc grants, projects G.0115.01, G.0407.02, G.0413.03, G.0388.03, G.0229.03 and IWT: PhD Grants, STWW-Genprom, GBOU McKnow, GBOU-SQUAD, GBOU-ANA; Belgian Federal Government: DWTC [IUAP V-22 (2002–2006)]; and EU: CAGE; Biopattern.

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