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A software for inferring cancer-related miRNAs based on gene expression data. It is a novel computational framework to identify the cancer-related miRNAs based solely on gene expression profiles which can effectively identify cancer-related miRNAs with higher precision compared with other popular approaches. Given the gene expression data, miR_Path can infer cancer-related miRNAs which are validated by both differentially expressed miRNAs and evidences from literature. miR_Path provides a useful tool to explain how miRNAs are involved in cancer.

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Command line interface
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Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Windows
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  • (Zhao et al., 2014) Identifying cancer-related microRNAs based on gene expression data. Bioinformatics.
    PMID: 25505085
  • (Pavlopoulou et al., 2015) Human cancer databases (review). Oncology reports.
    PMID: 25369839

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