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A web based platform for comparative analyses of human miRNA functions. miR2GO includes two programs: miRmut2GO and miRpair2GO. miRmut2GO implements a knowledge-based method to assess the functional effects of genetic and somatic mutations in microRNA seed regions. The functional effects of a mutation are analyzed by semantic comparison of enriched Gene Ontology (GO) annotations of the target gene sets for the wild-type and mutated alleles. miRpair2GO compares the functions of two different miRNAs based on the enriched functional annotations of their target gene sets.

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  • Yan Cui <ycui2 at uthsc.edu>


Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Biochemistry and Center for Integrative and Translational Genomics, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN 38163, USA

  • (Bhattacharya and Cui, 2015) miR2GO: Comparative functional analysis for microRNAs. Bioinformatics.
    PMID: 25762653
  • Animals
    • Homo sapiens
  • (Akhtar et al., 2016) Bioinformatic tools for microRNA dissection. Nucleic acids research.
    PMID: 26578605

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