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Provides privilege to the user to customize the result by choosing the target prediction method and confidence level for mining associations between cancer causing miRNAs. CAMi-Finder is a resource for human cancer miRNA associations. It provides two types of functionalities: (i) showing all the validated cancer-miRNA relationship with a mouse-click; and (ii) predicts novel cancer-miRNA relationships by mining predicted miRNA-target genes. It provides an easy submission interface through which scientists can submit new, validated cancer-miRNA associations by filling the fields given in the `New Submission' form.


Allows users to search for the prioritization scores of disease-microRNA (miRNA) associations. miRNADis is a database for querying prioritization scores of miRNA-disease pairs. Users can choose between several methods for prioritization: SemFunSim_PBPA_RWR, Resnik_PBPA_RWR, Wang_PBPA_RWR, PSB_PBPA_RWR, Lin _PBPA_RWR, SemFunSim_PBPM_RWR, Resnik_PBPM_RWR, Wang_PBPM_RWR, PSB_PBPM_RWR, Lin _PBPM_RWR. miRNADis is part of DincRNA, a bioinformatics resource for disease similarity calculation and non-coding RNA functional analysis.