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An R package developed for handling naming challenges of mature miRNAs. miRNAmeConverter delivers results in a fast and transparent way. Its main functions are to check for validity of mature miRNA names, to determine the most likely miRBase version of a given set of miRNAs and to translate mature miRNA names to different versions (including sequences). A web interface enables users less familiar with R to translate miRNA names given in form of a list or embedded in text and download of the results.
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miRConverter / microRNA Converter
A database for converting queried miRNAs to the latest annotation and for predicting the function of miRNA by integrating miRNA target gene prediction and function/pathway analyses. A miRNA ID converter among different miRBase versions was utilized to remove the potential discrepancies in nomenclature. Two enrichment algorithms were incorporated to explore dysregulated biological functions/pathways. miRSystem is the first database that identifies miRNA target genes based on multiple algorithms simultaneously.
miRBase Tracker
Keeps track of all historical and current miRNA annotation present in the miRBase database. Three functionalities allow researchers to keep their miRNA annotation up-to-date, reannotate analytical miRNA platforms and link published results with outdated annotation to the latest miRBase release. With a miRNA history query, the user gets an overview of the annotation changes of any mature or precursor miRNA of interest throughout the different miRBase releases. The miRBase release comparison query option compares any two miRBase releases for both mature and precursor miRNAs within any species. Users get an overview showing which miRNA records were added, removed, changed or remained unchanged, along with summarizing statistics.
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