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Provides information about experimentally validated miRNA-target interactions (MTIs). The latest update of the miRTarBase expanded it to identify systematically Argonaute-miRNA-RNA interactions from 138 crosslinking and immunoprecipitation sequencing (CLIP-seq) data sets that were generated by 21 independent studies. miRTarBase contains 4966 articles, 7439 strongly validated MTIs (using reporter assays or western blots) and 348 007 MTIs from CLIP-seq. The number of MTIs in the miRTarBase has increased around 7-fold since the 2014 miRTarBase update. The miRNA and gene expression profiles from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) are integrated to provide an effective overview of this exponential growth in the miRNA experimental data.

Restrictions to use:
miRTarBase version 6.0
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  • Chih-Hung Chou <CHChou23 at gmail.com>


Ministry of Science and Technology [MOST 101-2311-B-009-005-MY3, MOST 103-2628-B-009-001-MY3, MOST104-2319-B-400-002, MOST 103-2319-B-010-002 and MOST103-3111-Y-001-027]; UST-UCSD International Center of Excellence in Advanced Bioengineering sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology I-RiCE Program [MOST 103–2911-I-009-101]; Veterans General Hospitals and University System of Taiwan (VGHUST) Joint Research Program [VGHUST103-G5-11-2]; MOE ATU

Funding source(s)

Institute of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, National Chiao Tung University, Hsin-Chu 300, Taiwan

  • (Chou et al., 2015) miRTarBase 2016: updates to the experimentally validated miRNA-target interactions database. Nucleic acids research.
    PMID: 26590260
  • (Hsu et al., 2014) miRTarBase update 2014: an information resource for experimentally validated miRNA-target interactions. Nucleic acids research.
    PMID: 24304892
  • (Hsu et al., 2011) miRTarBase: a database curates experimentally validated microRNA-target interactions. Nucleic acids research.
    PMID: 21071411
  • Animals
    • Caenorhabditis elegans
    • Drosophila melanogaster
    • Homo sapiens
    • Mus musculus
    • Rattus norvegicus

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