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A metrology toolbox for SFM, specifically aimed at biomolecules like DNA and proteins, which features (a) semi-automatic high-throughput analysis of individual molecules; (b) ease of use working within MATLAB environment or as a stand-alone application; (c) compatibility with MultiMode (Bruker), NanoWizard (JPK instruments), Asylum (Asylum research), ASCII, and TIFF files, that can be adjusted with minor modifications to other formats. Assembled in a single user interface, SFMetrics serves as a semi-automatic analysis tool capable of measuring several geometrical properties (length, volume and angles) from DNA and protein complexes, but is also applicable to other samples with irregular shapes.

3D TFM / Three-dimensional traction force microscopy

Allows users to extract three-dimensional (3D) displacement and force information for motile cells. The 3D TFM methodology can be used for investigating the dynamic evolution of traction forces during migration of 3T3 fibroblasts on polyacrylamide substrates. It shows the viability of capturing cell-generated deformations in all three spatial dimensions with submicron accuracy. It enables the direct determination of three-dimensional displacement fields and direct calculations of traction forces using principles of mechanics.