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Allows analysis of images of roots grown on 2D media such as agar plates. EZ-Rhizo is a semi-automated application developed for measuring multiple root system architecture (RSA) parameters of young plants grown in vertical Petri dishes. The software combines non-invasive image acquisition, measurement of multiple RSA parameters, data storage and data analysis. It is suitable for the phenotypic description of individual plant species, accessions and mutants grown under varying nutritional and environmental conditions.
Allows acquisition and evaluation of high-quality images of plants that had been raised in standard laboratory conditions. GROWSCREEN incorporates standard procedures of single-image processing with an automated setup. It allows recognition of light-induced growth acclimation responses within 24 h. This tool can be useful for ecophysiology studies and to analyse effects of agrochemicals or xenobiotica as well as differences between plant lines caused by their varying genetic backgrounds.
IAP / Integrated Analysis Platform
Allows quantitative analysis of high-throughput plant phenotyping data. IAP handles different image sources and assists in organizing phenotypic data by retaining the metadata from the input in the result data set. It provides approaches for data management, image analysis, and result handling for large-scale experiments. IAP includes image-analysis pipelines to examine various traits for other species, such as Arabidopsis, wheat, and barley, and can be adapted to process imaging data from different monitoring systems and camera types.
LEAF GUI / Leaf Extraction and Analysis Framework Graphical User Interface
Allows analysis the macroscopic structure of veins in leaves. LEAF GUI is a program built upon a series of algorithms designed to threshold, clean, and segment images of leaves in which the vein structure is visible. The software enables users to extract descriptive statistics on the dimensions and positions of leaf veins and the areoles they surround by following a series of thresholding, cleaning, and segmentation algorithms given images of leaves where veins have been enhanced relative to the background.
Image Harvest
Allows high-throughput image analysis for plant biologists. Image Harvest is an open-source and flexible framework for processing and analyzing plant images, such as conventional color and fluorescence images. The software allows the simplification of the collection of metadata from the organizational structure of raw image databases. It provides an option for implementing basic statistical functions, as well as several definitions of digital traits to describe plant growth, morphology, and physiological responses.
Allows measurement of scanned images of washed root samples, written as a macro for ImageJ. IJ_Rhizo is a program that automates a series of ImageJ commands. The software allows researchers to compute root length measurements. It automatically generates root radius distributions for each sample analyzed. Some options are included for customizing: image resolution; the size of image border to be excluded from processing; background particle cleaning; root length correction; and the choice of automatic versus user-defined thresholding.
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