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An open source web application that is designed for metaproteomics analysis with a focus on interactive data-visualization. Unipept is underpinned by a fast index built from UniProtKB and the NCBI taxonomy that enables quick retrieval of all UniProt entries in which a given tryptic peptide occurs. Unipept provides programmatic access to the metaproteomics analysis features. This enables integration of Unipept functionality in custom applications and data processing pipelines.

Calis-p / The CALgary approach to ISotopes in proteomics

Extracts stable carbon isotope fingerprints (SIFs) of individual species in a microbial community from a metaproteomic dataset. Calis-p is a software that enables high-throughput measurement of delta13C (SIF) values for individual species within microbiota and environmental microbial communities using metaproteomics. This method reproducibly provides SIF values consistent with gold standard bulk measurements performed with an isotope ratio mass spectrometer.


Offers an automated high-throughput solution for a wide range of (13)C or (15)N protein-SIP experiments with special emphasis on the analysis of metaproteomic experiments where differential labeling of organisms can occur. The information calculated in MetaProSIP includes the determination of multiple relative isotopic abundances, the labeling ratio between old and new synthesized proteins, and the shape of the isotopic distribution. These parameters define the metabolic capacities and dynamics within the investigated microbial culture. MetaProSIP features a high degree of reproducibility, reliability, and quality control reporting. The ability to embed into the OpenMS framework allows for flexible construction of custom-tailored workflows.