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NaDH / Nicotiana attenuata Data Hub

Integrates and visualizes genomic, phylogenomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic data in N. attenuata. NaDH currently hosts collections of predicted protein coding sequences of 11 plant species, including two recently sequenced Nicotiana species, and their functional annotations, 222 microarray datasets from 10 different experiments, a transcriptomic atlas based on 20 RNA-seq expression profiles and a metabolomic atlas based on 895 metabolite spectra analyzed by mass spectrometry. It allows researchers to query phylogenetic trees of 16,305 gene families and provides tools for analyzing their evolutionary history.

PD Map / Parkinson’s Disease Map

Provides complex network integrating metabolic reactions, gene regulation, and signaling processes. PD Map is a knowledge repository bringing together different molecular mechanisms and pathways considered to be the key players in the disease. This method allows navigation through information on Parkinson's disease (PD) associated mechanisms. It also constitutes an interface to well-established tools and methods for updating, enriching, and analysing its contents

MEREDITH / Multi-Omic Data Integration Approach

Allows for visualization and analysis of samples in a 2D-map that emphasizes similarities between similar samples. MEREDITH is an omic integration method which is a hybrid of an early stage (concatenation-based) and intermediate stage (transformation-based) integration approach. This resource quantifies the contribution of each molecular data-type across the genome-wide dataset. It also detects known global pan-cancer clusters as well as within-tissue-of-origin clusters.