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A software package for calling single nucleotide variants (SNVs) using NGS data from multiple same-patient samples. Instead of performing multiple pairwise analyses of a single tumour sample and a matched normal, multiSNV jointly considers all available samples under a Bayesian framework to increase sensitivity of calling shared SNVs. By leveraging information from all available samples, multiSNV is able to detect rare mutations with variant allele frequencies down to 3% from whole-exome sequencing experiments.

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Command line interface
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Computer skills:
R (latest version), R packages (Rcpp, RInside and inline), Git, cmake, Boost, compile libraries
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  • Malvina Josephidou <malvina.josephidou at cruk.cam.ac.uk>


Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Li Ka Shing Centre, Robinson Way, Cambridge CB2 0RE, UK

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