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Provides a centralized, searchable, web-based database about the known moonlighting proteins. MoonProt containing information about more than 300 moonlighting proteins for which experimental evidence is available for more than one function. It also includes links to structures in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). The database can be useful for developing computational methods for predicting protein functions based on sequence, structure, cellular localization, protein–protein interactions (PPIs), or other characteristics.


Provides a repository where the many multitasking proteins found in the literature can be stored. MultitaskProtDB contains information and direct links to all proteins elsewhere reported as multitasking proteins as well as their accession numbers, species to which they belong, canonical and additional biological functions, PDB codes if available and the corresponding publications. This database also provides a better understanding of characteristics of multitasking proteins such as the frequencies of different function pairs, phylogenetic conservation, and more.