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Provides the scientific community with a simple and intuitive online primer design tool for both laboratory-scale and high-throughput projects of sequence-independent gene cloning and site-directed mutagenesis and a Tm calculator for quick queries. HTP-OligoDesigner generates cloning primer pairs by fixing the 50-end nucleotide position of each primer and varying the length of the primers from 50 end to 30 end, according to a chosen Tm calculation algorithm. The software does not check for the existence of restriction sites within the gene sequences, which would interfere in restriction enzyme/ligation methodologies.


Assists in performing site-directed mutagenesis. SiteFind enables users to introduce a novel restriction site into the mutated nucleotide sequence for using as a marker of successful mutation. It searches a given nucleotide sequence for any possible restriction sites that can be introduced without disturbing the amino acid sequence. It was designed to have an intuitive interface, with each necessary step to specify the search conditions presented in a separate window.