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ISMAGS / Index-based Subgraph Matching Algorithm with General Symmetries

Enumerates all instances of a motif in a graph, making optimal use of the motif’s symmetries to make the search more efficient. The ISMAGS algorithm is able to enumerate all instances of a motif within a graph. It makes optimal use of a motif’s symmetries to eliminate as much of the search space as quickly as possible. The visual interface makes the motif search easier, and it allows the user to efficiently use the results and gain insight in the connections between different motifs in a straightforward way.


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A tool for fast network motif detection. FANMOD relies on recently developed algorithms to improve the efficiency of network motif detection by some orders of magnitude over existing tools. This facilitates the detection of larger motifs in bigger networks than previously possible. Additional benefits of FANMOD are the ability to analyze colored networks, a graphical user interface and the ability to export results to a variety of machine- and human-readable file formats including comma-separated values and HTML.