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Neurite growth analysis software tools | Laser scanning microscopy image analysis

In vitro assays to measure neuronal growth are a fundamental tool used by many neurobiologists studying neuronal development and regeneration. The quantification of these assays requires accurate measurements of neurite length and neuronal cell numbers in neuronal cultures.

Source text:
(Pool et al., 2008) NeuriteTracer: a novel ImageJ plugin for automated quantification of neurite outgrowth. J Neurosci Methods.

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An interactive 3D axon tracking and labeling tool to obtain quantitative information by reconstruction of the axonal structures in the entire innervation field. AxonTracker-3D has been developed to facilitate the connectome function analysis in large-scale quantitative neurobiology studies. It can display the three orthogonal views of the current location of the centerline along with a visualization of the tracking results. The workflow consists of three steps: (i) re-slice the axon tubes along its orientation; (ii) extract 2D and 3D features from the slices and spheres rounding the center points; (iii) select samples to train AdaBoost classifier. Questions such as whether the spatial distribution of the axons are random in nature or follow a certain pattern can be answered with this tool.
Gives a reliable quantitative analysis of neurite growth, providing counts of neurite number and neurite area at different distances from the explant. Moreover, this plug-in follows lineal and semi-logarithmic analysis of the Sholl method, yielding a numerical value of neurite outgrowth useful for comparing different experimental conditions. Neurite-J provides a quantification method of neurite arbors in 3D organotypic cultures that gives the researcher an easy, fast and reliable tool to study axonal growth.
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