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Normalization software tools | DNA methylation microarray data analysis

Normalisation concerns the removal of sources of experimental artefacts, random noise and technical and systematic variation caused by microarray technology, which, if left unaddressed, has the potential to mask true biological differences (Sun et al, 2011a). Two different types of normalisation exist: (1) between-array normalisation, removing technical artefacts between samples on different arrays, and (2) within-array normalisation, correcting for intensity-related dye biases (Siegmund, 2011).

(Sun et al., 2011) Preprocessing differential methylation hybridization microarray data. BioData Min.
(Siegmund, 2011) Statistical approaches for the analysis of DNA methylation microarray data. Hum Genet.

Source text:
(Wilhelm-Benartzi et al., 2013) Review of processing and analysis methods for DNA methylation array data. Br J Cancer.

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