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FITBAR / Fast Investigation Tool for Bacterial & Archeal Regulons
Allows users to identify new protein binding sites on fully sequenced prokaryotic genomes. FITBAR is a real-time position-specific scoring matrix (PSSM) scanning web tool for completely sequenced prokaryotic genomes. It provides two algorithms for the detection of new binding sites in combination with two methods to calculate their P-values. It aims to assist the experimentalist with the discovery and characterization of new prokaryotic regulons.
Allows users to submit known or experimentally determined binding sites of a regulatory protein as ungapped multiple sequence alignments. PredictRegulon is a web server tool for genome-wide prediction of potential binding sites and target operons of a regulatory protein for which few experimentally identified binding sites are known. This technique could utilize the available experimental data on binding sites of transcription regulatory proteins from various bacterial species for identification of regulons in phylogenetically related species.
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