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An R package that performs in silico restriction enzyme digests and fragment size selection as implemented in most restriction site associated DNA polymorphism and genotyping by sequencing methods. In silico digestion is performed on a reference genome or on a randomly generated DNA sequence when no reference genome sequence is available. SimRAD accurately predicts the number of loci under alternative protocols when a reference genome sequence is available for the targeted species (or a close relative) but may be unreliable when no reference genome is available. SimRAD is also useful for fine-tuning a given protocol to adjust the number of targeted loci.
A statistical method to remove errors caused by restriction site polymorphisms. We evaluated it in several simulated data sets, varying in number of samples, mean coverage and population mutation rate, and in two empirical human data sets (N = 8 and N = 63 samples). In our simulations, GBStools improved genotype accuracy more than commonly used filters such as Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium p-values. GBStools is most effective at removing genotype errors in data sets over 100 samples when coverage is 40X or higher, and the improvement is most pronounced in species with high genomic diversity.
Characterizes transcription factors that are relevant for the process of chromatin structure establishment and maintenance. csrproject uses a linear mixed modelling approach to combine datasets of transcription factor binding motif enrichments in open chromatin and gene expression across the same set of cell lines. It rediscovers many factors that have been annotated as pioneer factors. The tool relies on the joint analysis of a large collection of Dnase1 hypersensitivity and coordinated gene expression data to estimate Transcription Factors activity independently of Dnase1 hypersensitivity data.
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