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Unique identifier OMICS_02760
Alternative name Pathway Analysis Tools for Integration and Knowledge Acquisition
Restrictions to use None
Maintained No


This tool is not available anymore.

Publication for Pathway Analysis Tools for Integration and Knowledge Acquisition

PATIKA citations


What google maps can do for biomedical data dissemination: examples and a design study

BMC Res Notes
PMCID: 3658873
PMID: 23642009
DOI: 10.1186/1756-0500-6-179

[…] eting microarray expression such as Clusterview [], Hierarchical Clustering Explorer (HCE) [], and Spotfire [], systems for pathway and network analysis like Cytoscape [], VisANT [], Ingenuity [] and Patika [], or genome viewers such as Cinteny [] and Mizbee []. Most such systems are aimed at complex data exploration and analysis and have associated overhead costs such as deploying, learning and o […]


A multilevel layout algorithm for visualizing physical and genetic interaction networks, with emphasis on their modular organization

BioData Min
PMCID: 3342218
PMID: 22448851
DOI: 10.1186/1756-0381-5-2

[…] network analysis software come with sophisticated methods for laying out networks. Such software packages, each providing a specific range of visualization options, include, e.g., VisANT, NAViGaTOR, PATIKA, PINA, MATISSE, GraphViz, Osprey, Graphle, CellDesigner, Biolayout, ProViz and Pajek; see [,,] and references therein. Among others, Cytoscape software platform for network analysis and visuali […]


An efficient biological pathway layout algorithm combining grid layout and spring embedder for complicated cellular location information

BMC Bioinformatics
PMCID: 2904761
PMID: 20565884
DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-11-335

[…] , several types of drawing algorithms have been designed for biological pathways and they have been integrated in biological modeling and/or simulation software, e.g., Cell Illustrator [,], Pajek [], PATIKA [,], and CADLIVE [,].Karp and Paley extracted biological topologies such as linear, cyclic, and branching pathways and used them as the backbone of the layout []. For chemical reaction networks […]


LucidDraw: Efficiently visualizing complex biochemical networks within MATLAB

BMC Bioinformatics
PMCID: 2825225
PMID: 20074382
DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-11-31

[…] her demand for automatic visualization as an auxiliary analysis tool. Available drawing tools for biochemical networks are designed to work in certain network modeling platforms such as Cytoscape [], PATIKA [], VisANT [], Cell Illustrator [,], and CADLIVE [,]. Because these modeling platforms are designed for specific purposes, most network analysis related numerical utilities are not provided. In […]


An efficient grid layout algorithm for biological networks utilizing various biological attributes

BMC Bioinformatics
PMCID: 1821340
PMID: 17338825
DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-8-76

[…] Modeling and simulations of large scale biological pathways are some of the most important tasks in Bioinformatics. Many applications, e.g., Cell Illustrator [,], Cytoscape [], Pajek [], PATIKA [,], and CADLIVE [,] have been developed in this area. Related to these topics, the visualization of biopathways is considered to play a key role in understanding biological systems. However, m […]


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PATIKA institution(s)
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics Computer Engineering Department Center for Bioinformatics, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

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