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Graphically displays genealogical data in 3D. Celestial3D employs specifically developed visualization techniques including layout algorithms that avoid screen clutter, and shadows that demarcate clades, so that extensive pedigrees are readily interpretable. The software allows to display multiple families in a unique spiral view. Use of 3D allows a greater number of individuals to be displayed in a given area, closely related individuals to be displayed spatially near each other and improved focus and context techniques.
Includes basic functions to manage genealogical data allowing, for example, extraction of a part of a genealogy or selection of specific individuals. There are also many functions providing information to describe the size and complexity of genealogies as well as functions to compute standard measures such as kinship, inbreeding and genetic contribution. GENLIB also includes functions for gene-dropping simulations. It provides a user friendly and flexible environment to analyze extensive genealogical data, allowing an efficient and easy integration of different types of data, analytical methods and additional developments and making this tool ideal for genealogical analysis.
ISCA / Inheritance State Consistency Analysis
Allows users to discover blocks of identity throughout a pedigree. ISCA is a standalone software, based on a hidden Markov model (HMM), which is suited for the analysis of whole-genome data without the need of phased data or population controls. The program can also detect both IBD1 and IBD2 segments between pairs of individuals with an unknown relationship assisted by a feature that permits the removal of noise from segments of the genome.
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