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dbPEC / Database for Preeclampsia

Serves as a robust and regularly updated resource of assembled preeclampsia phenotypes and associated genes. We designed the user interface of dbPEC for easy navigation and the results pages are visually supported by color coded labels and charts. We included gene sets associated with severity, concurrent conditions, tissue sources and networks. The published scientific literature is the primary repository for all information documenting human disease. We used semantic data mining to retrieve and extract the articles pertaining to preeclampsia-associated genes and performed manual curation. We deposited the articles, genes, preeclampsia phenotypes and other supporting information into the dbPEC. It is publicly available and freely accessible.

VLBW Postnatal Growth Charts / Very Low Birth Weight Postnatal Growth Charts

Allows the user to enter the Birth Weight, Birth Length and Birth Head Circumference of a 501-1500 gram infant. VLBW Postnatal Growth Charts constructs individualized, expected growth curves based upon the NICHD Neonatal Research Network Growth Observational Study. Note that while these expected growth curves are based upon data collected from a large heterogenous population and reflect nutritional practices common in 1994-95, the "expected" curve may not represent optimal growth.