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Asthma Mobile Health Study
Helps to track asthma symptoms. Asthma Mobile Health Study is a mobile app that allows the user to review trends, gives feedback on progress, and provides personalized reminders to take prescribed medications. The app has even added features that allow to share information collected on the app with doctor. It helps patients experience fewer asthma-related limitations and less distress with better symptom control, fewer unexpected medical visits, and improved quality of life.
Measures heart rate from the finger or face using imaging photoplethysmography. Cardiio provides accurate heart rate measurements from the finger and face, both at rest and after exercise. The performance of the tool was tested by comparing heart rate readings against an FDA-cleared pulse oximeter at rest and after moderate to vigorous exercise. The results indicate that there is a very strong agreement between heart rate measurements obtained using the application and a validated pulse oximeter, both at rest (r = 0.99 for finger, r = 0.97 for face) and after exercise (r = 0.99 for finger, r = 0.97 for face).
A mobile data collection platform for clinical and research applications in the field of mental health. Psychlog allows administering self-report questionnaires to gather participants' feedback on his/her quality of experience in its various cognitive, affective and motivational dimensions. The system consists of three main modules: the survey manager module, the computing module and the visualization module. Self-reports and sensors data are stored on the mobile phone’s internal memory, in separate files, for off-line analysis.
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