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RegPhos / Regulatory network in protein Phosphorylation
A knowledgebased system that can let users input a group of genes/proteins to be explored the phosphorylation network associated with the information of subcellular localization. The web-based system, RegPhos, can let users input a group of human proteins; consequently, the phosphorylation network associated with the protein subcellular localization can be explored. Additionally, time-coursed microarray expression data is subsequently used to represent the degree of similarity in the expression profiles of network members.
Integrates two kinds of high-throughput phosphorylation data, protein microarray-verified kinase–substrate relationships (KSRs) and mass spectrometry (MS)-verified phosphorylation sites. Relative to other human phosphorylation-related databases, such as Phospho.ELM, PhosphoNetworks has three significant merits. First, it is a high-resolution phosphorylation network database, which connects kinases not only to their downstream substrates but also at specific phosphorylation sites on the substrates. Second, it covers a far greater number of novel identified KSRs (24 046 raw KSRs and 3656 refined KSRs) and novel predicted phosphorylation motifs (300 motifs, over double that of the previous knowledgebase). Finally, it provides some unique tools to make it easier for the user to explore and analyze the data.
PhoSigNet / Phosphorylation-mediated Signal transduction Networks
A database designed to store and display human phosphorylation-mediated signal transduction networks, with additional information related to cancer. PhoSigNet contains 11,976 experimentally validated directed edges and 216,871 phosphorylation sites. Moreover, 3,491 differentially expressed proteins in human cancer from dbDEPC, 18,907 human cancer variation sites from CanProVar, and 388 hyperphosphorylation sites from PhosphoSitePlus were collected as annotation information. PhoSigNet allows the user to investigate the impact of phosphorylation modifications on cancer.
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