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Plasmid repositories | Synthetic biology

Plasmids form a cornerstone in modern molecular and structural biology research laboratories. Considerable time, expertise and resources are expended cloning genes into the appropriate vector to express recombinant proteins for both in vivo functional studies or to produce purified proteins for biochemical studies.

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(Seiler et al., 2014) DNASU plasmid and PSI:Biology-Materials repositories: resources to accelerate biological research. Nucleic Acids Res.

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Archives plasmids generated by scientists, conducts quality control, annotates the associated data and makes the plasmids and their data available to the scientific community. Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository dedicated to helping scientists around the world share high-quality plasmids. The repository Plasmid associated data undergoes ongoing curation by members of the scientific community and by Addgene scientists. This database is dedicated to making it easier for scientists to share plasmids.
Provides information about the model organism of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum. Dictybase contains the complete genome sequence and expression data for the organism. It offers an easy-to-use interface to navigate between different genomes. The database provides a search interface that permits to combine all genomes for launching a multi-genomic pairwise comparison. All gene models and functional annotation are manually curated from experimental results and comparative multi-genome analyses.
PlasmoGEM / Plasmodium Genetic Modification
Provides access to a resource of modular, versatile and adaptable vectors for genome modification of Plasmodium spp. parasites. PlasmoGEM currently consists of >2000 plasmids designed to modify the genome of Plasmodium berghei, a malaria parasite of rodents, which can be requested by non-profit research organisations free of charge. PlasmoGEM vectors are designed with long homology arms for efficient genome integration and carry gene specific barcodes to identify individual mutants.
BEI Resources / Biological and Emerging Infections Resources
A centralized biological resource center (BRC) for research reagents to the scientific community. The primary role of BEI Resources is the acquisition and authentication of several categories of materials for registered scientists, with a focus on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. A major goal of this BRC is to provide reference standards to scientists carrying out basic research to develop improved diagnostic tests, vaccines, and therapies.
An online database for comparative browsing of borrelia genomes. BorreliaBase is currently populated with sequences from 35 genomes of eight lyme-borreliosis group borrelia species and 7 relapsing-fever group borrelia species. Distinct from aggregator databases, this tool serves manually curated comparative-genomic data including genome-based phylogeny, genome synteny, and sequence alignments of orthologous genes and intergenic spacers. It also implements a novel graphic user-interface design that encourages comparisons of bacterial genomes under a framework of their shared phylogenetic history.
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