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Leverage fast-moving life science trends to create a competitive edge

omicX is a dynamic young company, whose turnkey platform is already recognized worldwide as the go-to big biodata analytics solution.

omicX expertly reviews, assesses and categorizes the mass of unstructured and multi-format data published each day to extract maximum meaning and deliver smart meta-insights in real-time.

omicX indexes:

70K+ protocols

60K+ datasets

40K+ software tools

Ground-breaking technology that maximizes your research potential

Save time boost efficiency omicX

Capitalize on our resources to save time and boost your efficiency

Keep track of new or consensus approaches & methodologies, statistics and analytics thanks to the unparalleled scope, depth and quality of our reviews.

Development emerging trends omicX

Keep track of fast-moving developments & emerging trends

Remain at the forefront of your specialist field with our powerful tools that analyze and decipher publications in real-time to track trends and deliver best-in-class analytics.

Competitive landscape omicX

Understand the competitive landscape

Establish a competitive edge by identifying and analyzing the competition to consolidate your staying power.

Exciting biological fields, full of promise

omicX reviews leading primary research & journals in an extensive range of fast-moving biological fields:

Check omicX Biochemistry

Check omicX Bioinformatics

Check omicX Biotechnology

Check omicX Cancer research

Check omicX Cell biology

Check omicX Genetics / Genomics

Check omicX Immunology

Check omicX Infectious diseases

Check omicX Microbiology

Check omicX Molecular medecine

Check omicX Neuroscience

Check omicX Pharmacology / Toxicology

Check omicX Plant sciences

Check omicX Protein science

Check omicX Forensics

A revolutionary analytics ecosystem

At the heart of the omicX platform is a dynamic analytics ecosystem that deciphers and interprets life science data in real-time to deliver smart meta-insights.

Our platform stands out from the crowd as it focuses not just on indexing resources, but also on retrieving the reasoning used by scientists to reach their conclusions. We firmly believe that the best way to harness and exploit big biodata to achieve breakthroughs is by analyzing collective intelligence. Our smart meta-insights and our ability to contextualize information by resource or combination of resources help shorten decision-making and accelerate go-to-market strategies.

omicX vs Google Maps 1 omicX vs Google Maps 2

Just like Google Maps, we analyze data, mapping the pathways used by life science practitioners in their published works to identify the best and most efficient route to scientific breakthrough.

Keep your finger on the pulse

We untangle the mass of unstructured data to extract meaning and deliver actionable insights so you can focus on creating value and identifying new opportunities.

Smart workflows omicX

Smart workflows that build decisions for you

Our time-saving smart meta-answers and insights think for you, leaving no stone unturned.
View a wide variety of outcomes - consensus, outliers and other, from turnkey solutions, to existing protocols that you can tweak or design your own from scratch.

Clever semantics search engine omicX

A clever semantics search engine that makes for seamless data navigation

Our expert assessment and indexation of software, datasets and computational protocols, using a combination of manual curation and powerful algorithms, make it possible to sequence and prioritize insights. Our meta database can also be searched by omic type, biological context, tool type, software, database, citation, and more.

Market intelligence reports omicX

Cutting-edge market intelligence reports

To help you gain or maintain a competitive edge, omicX capitalizes on its proprietary data analytics ecosystem to identify and analyze emerging life science trends and decipher the reasoning and approaches used by your peers, map developments & benchmark progress or performance.

Stats data analytics omicX

Capitalize on our compelling stats & data analytics

Make the most of our platform to optimize your time & resources. We can identify who has done what, how, where and when in real-time as well as consensus tools, outliers, life science contexts & associated fields to pinpoint new correlations or breakthroughs.

Peer feedback omicX

Enjoy peer feedback

Showcase your skills, achievements & contributions in numerous fields including computation, conceptualization, analysis, data & data visualization, methodology, reviewing, software.
Enjoy our community-driven feedback loop, which ensures that resources are not simply used, but can be constantly improved.

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