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VIOLIN / Vaccine Investigation and OnLine Information Network
Curates, stores, analyses and integrates various vaccine-associated research data. VIOLIN is a web-based vaccine database and analysis system. It includes licensed vaccines, vaccines being tested in clinical trials and vaccines that have been studied in research and experimentally verified effective in at least one laboratory animal model and the data collected for each vaccine covers vaccine components, protection efficacy and host immune responses. VIOLIN also contains specific software programs such as several for vaccine literature mining and vaccine design.
EbolaVCR / Ebola Virus Computational Resources
In silico resources developed to facilitate scientific community fighting against deadly virus EBOLA. EbolaVCR enlists possible vaccine candidates, therapeutic siRNAs and other related resources. Firstly, we predicted and identified experimentally validated epitopes in each of the antigens/proteins of the five known ebolaviruses. Secondly, we generated all the possible overlapping 9mer peptides from the proteins of ebolaviruses. Thirdly, conserved peptides across all the five ebolaviruses (four human pathogenic species) with no identical sequence in the human proteome, based on 1000 Genomes project, were identified. Finally, we identified peptide or epitope-based vaccine candidates that could activate both the B- and T-cell arms of the immune system. In addition, we also identified efficacious siRNAs against the mRNA transcriptome (absent in human transcriptome) of all the five ebolaviruses.
Allows a large-scale analysis on a large collection of annotated influenza sequences. FluKB is a knowledge-based system that integrates multiple types of influenza data and analytical tools into workflows to support vaccine target discovery. The database contains standardized data, integrating information on antigen sequences, and immunological epitopes. The set of integrated analysis tools and workflows are designed to aid rational vaccine design that integrates the content and the analytical tools in a unified system that enables the automation of complex queries and discovery.
HLAsupE / Human Leucocyte Antigens supertype-specific Epitopes
Provides an integrated database of human leukocyte antigens (HLAs) supertype-specific epitopes. HLAsupE is an online resource of promiscuous T cell epitopes that is organized based on the HLA supertypes. Each of the supertype-specific peptides in this resource was annotated in terms of its cross-reactivity to HLA molecules within the same supertype. It can be used as a resource for the development of epitope-based vaccines and immunotherapies with broad coverage of human population.
Stores the information of manually curated vaccine adjuvants and their applications in vaccine development, collected in the VIOLIN vaccine database. Vaxjo is a web-based comprehensive vaccine database and analysis system that targets for vaccine research. The database contains manually curated vaccine adjuvants that have been used in a wide array of vaccines for a large variety of infectious diseases, as well as diseases such as cancer and allergies. It also allows bioinformatics analysis and comparison of various vaccine adjuvants.
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