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Calculates the neighbor distance. DiffPriv ensures the privacy of individuals in both the case and control cohorts. It follows three steps: (1) stating the problem as an optimization problem; (2) solving a relaxation of this problem in constant time; and (3) rounding the relaxed solution to a solution to the original problem. The tool was applied to real genome-wide association studies (GWAS) data. It allows researchers access to the database while minimizing privacy concerns.
PRINCESS / Privacy-protecting Rare disease International Network Collaboration via Encryption through Software guard extensionS
Provides computation efficiency for real-world, secure, international collaboration for rare disease analysis. PRINCESS applies lightweight cryptographic technologies and uses the Software Guard Extensions (SGX) computing architecture. It is designed to be scalable and easy to extend with support of plug-in modules for new features/new tasks. The tool enhances the protection of encrypted data by using a time-varying initialization vector.
SQC / Secure Quality Control
Enables checking the quality of data in a privacy-preserving way without revealing sensitive information to a potential adversary. Secure Quality Control (SQC) employs state-of-the-art cryptographic and statistical techniques for privacy protection. This meta-analysis pipeline operates with real data to demonstrate the efficiency and scalability on commodity machines. It offers an effective balance between the needs of researchers for genome-wide association studies (GWAS) meta-analysis and the needs of data owners to respect the genetic privacy of research participants.
PRESAGE / PRivacy-preserving gEnetic testing via SoftwAre Guard Extension
Allows outsourcing genetic tests using Software Guard Extension (SGX). PRESAGE supports genomic queries, which count genomic records by matching a set of biomarkers in the VCF files. It provides a remote attestation step that ensures to identify a trustworthy enclave and build a secure channel between the data owner/users and the enclave. This tool is able to defend malicious attack thank to the implementation of a minimal perfect hash (MPH) scheme.
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