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Chartchai Chaichana - Medical Genetics
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Chartchai Chaichana

Medical Genetics
Siriraj Hospital • Bangkok • Thailand

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Drug design
  • Genome edition
  • WES analysis
  • English
Programming languages
  • Assembly language

Fields of interest

Drug design
Identifies novel disease indications for given drugs. DRRS is a drug…
Highlights the affinity and selectivity of compounds in the HMS-LINCS…
Provides a comprehensive software tool for whole-body physiologically based…
Genome edition
Serves as a calculation and visualization tool for high-throughput CRISPR…
Assists users in predicting the off-target activities of CRISPR/Cas9 in…
Predicts model for single guide RNA (sgRNA) on-target knockout efficacy and…
WES analysis
Exploits matrix factorization for gene prioritization. This method leans on an…
Analyzes structural variants (SVs) and allele-specific copy numbers of genomic…
Filters spurious variants caused by mouse reads in patient-derived xenografts…