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Clinux Xu - Student
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Clinux Xu

Peking University • Beijing • China

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Drug design
  • NMR-based proteomics analysis
  • Protein interaction analysis
  • Chinese
Programming languages
  • Python

Fields of interest

Drug design
Aims to solve the issue of inconsistency between large-scale pharmacogenomics…
Determines the interaction strength between two bound molecules of a given…
Changes the molecular configurations found at a time delay τ along the…
NMR-based proteomics analysis
Assists users to perform spectra analysis. Dumpling comprises the following…
Automates the elimination of noise peaks. Filt Robot employs convolutional…
Predicts absolute per-residue fluctuation from a three-dimensional protein…
Protein interaction analysis
Assists users to identify DNA methylation in distal regions with a causal…
Permits to study the dynamical features of gene regulatory circuits without the…
Generates and analyzes executable models from single-cell gene expression data.…