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Coy Liu - genomics
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Coy Liu

Zhejiang University • Hangzhou • China

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • WGS analysis
  • RNA-seq analysis
  • BS-seq analysis
  • Chinese
  • English
Programming languages
  • R

Fields of interest

WGS analysis
Allows users to provide simulations about evolution of bacterial genomes in…
Estimates haplotypes in polyploid parent-offspring trios. TriPoly is an…
Reconstructs tumor’s timelines. Palimpsest gathers computational methods…
RNA-seq analysis
Performs automated joint deconvolution and phylogeny inference of tumor genomic…
Supports the validation of experiments by annotating variants and prioritizing…
Performs secure analyses and visualization of users’ private functional…
BS-seq analysis
Allows to compress DNA sequences, quality scores and read identifiers. FaStore…
Allows to detect gene families in transcriptomes under strong selection. FUSTr…
Provides a deep neural network base caller for nanopore sequencing. Chiron…