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Elisa Boldrin - biologist
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Elisa Boldrin

Istituti di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico • Istituto Oncologico Veneto • Padova • Italy

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Genome edition
  • WGS analysis
  • aCGH data analysis
  • Italian
Programming languages
  • C

Fields of interest

Genome edition
Creates single-guide RNA (sgRNA) for clustered regularly interspaced short…
Constructs optimal gRNAs for the CRISPR-Cpf1 system. CRISPR-DT can take into…
Processes batch analysis of CRISPR edits using Sanger data. ICE can quantify…
WGS analysis
Allows manipulation of biological objects including sequences, alignments, and…
Processes raw reads to count tables for RNA-seq data using Unique Molecular…
Clusters variants into clones. QuantumClone applies an expectation-maximization…
aCGH data analysis
Finds cancer subtypes. Scluster is based on an adaptive sparse reduced-rank…
Combines several steps for a high-quality probe and primer design for a variety…
Enables spatial mapping of RNA-seq transcript data onto high resolution tissue…