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Academy of Athens • Athens • Greece

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • ChIP-seq analysis
  • Metagenomic sequencing analysis
  • Gene expression array analysis
  • English
Programming languages
  • PHP

Fields of interest

ChIP-seq analysis
Allows users to handle sequencing data with unique molecular identifiers…
Assists users in optimized block trimming. This algorithm is a polynomial-time…
Allows users to forecast footprints with a specific focus on ATAC-seq protocol.…
Metagenomic sequencing analysis
Assists users in predicting the Salmonella minimum inhibitory concentration…
Permits exome, whole-genome, and targeted sequencing analyses. Mosdepth is a…
Allows microbial metataxonomic investigation. BTW is composed of a set of tools…
Gene expression array analysis
Assists users for visualizing ancestry data. AncestryView first proceeds by…
Allows users to compare genomic structures and annotations across multiple…
Normalizes measurement of long gene expression (LGE) within RNA-seq and…