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Shanghai Jiao Tong University • Shanghai • China

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • BS-seq analysis
  • Metagenomic sequencing analysis
  • DNA methylation array analysis
  • Chinese
Programming languages
  • Java
  • R

Fields of interest

BS-seq analysis
Aims to represent a family of aligned protein sequences or a collection of…
Combines structural variation (SV) calls from different algorithms to reduce…
Assists users in analyzing next-generation sequencing (NGS) data. snakePipes…
Metagenomic sequencing analysis
Identifies and quantifies the abundance of viruses in metagenomics data.…
Rectifies errors in long-read sequences. FMLRC employs the FM-index to…
Maps a read against a reference region if and only if its estimated alignment…
DNA methylation array analysis
Recognizes spatiotemporal relationships in the human brain. brainImageR offers…
Extends the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) with feature for curation…
Determines the toxicity related end-points of nanoparticles (NPs). toxFlow is…