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Joel Akinola - PHD candidate
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Joel Akinola

PHD candidate
National University of Ireland • University College Cork • Cork • Ireland

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Synthetic biology
  • MS-based untargeted metabolomics
  • Protein interaction analysis
  • English

Fields of interest

Synthetic biology
Aims to assemble multiple DNA fragments in a single reaction using a…
Offers a methodology for understanding how different parameters can affect the…
Allows modular assembly of Golden Gate-compatible cloning broad-host range…
MS-based untargeted metabolomics
Investigates metabolites and their combinations in diseases. The program is…
Manages information related with metabolite identification. WebMetabase offers…
Solves multiple peptide candidates that may match to a tandem mass spectrometry…
Protein interaction analysis
Realizes link prediction for general directed or undirected complex networks,…
Assists users to identify DNA methylation in distal regions with a causal…
A statistical method to identify pathway-level enrichments of genetic…