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Ka Thi - Plant research
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Ka Thi

Plant research

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Metagenomic sequencing analysis
  • Gene expression array analysis
  • Laser scanning microscopy
  • English
  • German
Programming languages
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Python

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Fields of interest

Metagenomic sequencing analysis
Allows to detect gene families in transcriptomes under strong selection. FUSTr…
Serves to ChIP-seq Wig data. Wig is a standard file format, which in this…
Enables automatic identification and visualization of genome-scale metabolic…
Gene expression array analysis
Provides an online platform for collecting, managing, analyzing, visualizing…
Allows users to perform class discovery. M3C is based on a reference-based…
Classifies protein sequence and identifies remote protein homology via…
Laser scanning microscopy
Aids users to quantify tumor spheroid dynamics. TASI is a program that allows…
Provides a toolbox for neuropil decontamination in calcium imaging datasets.…
Consists of a cloud based deep learning solution for image segmentation of…