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Kishore KJ - Developer • Doctorate/PhD
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Kishore KJ

Developer • Doctorate/PhD

Lund University • Lund, Sweden

Highly motivated, enthusiastic researcher with 6 years’ experience in analytical method development and project management. Broad range of technical and project management skills in the development of new approaches to discover bio-materials and its…

Skills and expertise

Omics and technologies

  • Drug design
  • MS-based untargeted proteomics
  • NMR-based proteomics analysis

Programming languages

  • Python
  • R


  • English

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MALDIViz 2017-11-27, 15:02:07
‘MALDIViz’ is a comprehensive informatics application using R platform, for analyzing MALDI-MS spectra from the high throughput screening data, that facilitate visualization, statistical analysis,…


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Work experience

Marie Curie Early stage researcher (PhD Student)
Lund University - Lund
January 2013 - June 2017
Job Responsibility: • Developed and validated the analytical methods for investigation of various types of newly prepared solid-phase extraction (SPE) materials, using mass spectrometry with minute amounts of sample. • Integrated and validated two different microarray formats for a rapid, parallel and high-throughput screening of SPE materials. One is a microfluidic chromatographic purification platform (ISET) used prior to MALDI-MS. Second platform is a standard 384-well filter plate, where I further developed new applications and automated protocols. • Developed a comprehensive informatics tool ‘MALDIViz’ application using R platform, for analysing MALDI-MS spectra from the high throughput screening data, that facilitate visualization, statistical analysis, and high-quality image and data export. • Produced and communicated scientific results in international environment with global perspective. • Involved in various outreach activities for promoting the project ‘PEPMIP’. Managed Twitter and Facebook accounts. Skills: Sample preparation for Mass spectrometry, MALDI-MS/MS, ESI-MS/MS, Affinity materials, Proteomics, Solid phase extraction, High-throughput screening, Data visualization and analysis.
Project Assistant
National Physical Laboratory - New Delhi, India
January 2011 - November 2012
Job Responsibility: • Conducted research in material science, paper-based devices and sensors. • Evaluated thin film of nanostructured polymers and composite on the surface of paper-based platforms for development of biosensors. • Responsible for fabricating polyaniline coated screen-printed paper electrodes for detection of human cardiac Troponin-I, a cardiac biomarker and interleukin-2 receptor, a cancer biomarker. • Investigated the effects of surface charge and functionality on bio sensing performance. • Managed chemistry laboratory and maintained equipment. Skills: Sample preparation for Cyclic Voltammetry, Conducting polymers, Electropolymerization, Screen-printing, Paper-based devices, Immunoassay, Immunosensors, Biosensors, Electrochemical sensor, Colorimetric sensor
Junior Executive (Production)
Biocon - Bangalore, India
May 2006 - June 2008
Job Responsibility: • Production Planning & Scheduling. • Ensure strict compliance of good manufacturing practice (GMP) for production procedures and safety requirements. • Monitor and improve production processes, identify problems and take appropriate actions for correction and prevention. • Maintenance of proper documentation of the batch manufacturing records requisitions in process. Reactor occupational records, cleaning records, and process & batch movement as per batch manufacturing records. • Maintaining the Safety of Equipment’s and operation as per Standard Operating procedure (SOPs).

Bioinformatics projects


PhD ( Biomedical Engineering)
Lund University
2013 - 2017
MSc Analytical Chemistry
University of Madras, Chennai, India
2008 - 2010

Additional information

Peer-reviewed Publications:
1. Jagadeesan, K.K., Ekström, S., “MALDIViz - A comprehensive informatics tool for MALDI-MS data visualization and analysis”, SLAS Discovery, (Article first published online: August 21, 2017,
2. Duarte, M., Jagadeesan, K.K., Billing, J.,, “Solid-phase extraction of the alcohol abuse biomarker phosphatidylethanol using newly synthesized polymeric sorbent materials containing quaternary heterocyclic groups”, Journal of Chromatography A, (Available online 25 August 2017,
3. Jagadeesan, K.K., Rossetti, C., Qader, A.A., Reubsaet,, “Filter Plate–Based Screening of MIP SPE Materials for Capture of the Biomarker Pro-Gastrin-Releasing Peptide”, SLAS Discovery, (2017)
4. Jagadeesan, K.K., Wierzbicka, C., Laurell, T.,, “Multiplexed MALDI-MS arrays for screening of MIP solid phase extraction materials”, Journal of Chromatography B, 1021 (2016) 213-220
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7. Kumar, S., Jagadeesan, K.K., Amish G Joshi,, “Immuno-CoPS (conducting paper strips) for futuristic cost-effective cancer diagnostics”, RSC Advances 3 (29) (2013), 11846-11853.