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Maria Rosaria Sapienza

University of Bologna • Bologna • Italy

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Immune system analysis
  • Gene expression array analysis
  • Protein interaction analysis
  • Italian
Programming languages
  • Visual Basic

Fields of interest

Immune system analysis
Detects perturbed molecular processes in complex human diseases. MultiPLIER…
Consists of an open-source deep learning model. MHCSeqNet is a program that can…
Provides a model for antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). ODE model…
Gene expression array analysis
Stores projects and creates a directory of analysed results and parameter.…
Analyzes RNA-seq count data. dNBFA is built on a Bayesian covariate-dependent…
Extends the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) with feature for curation…
Protein interaction analysis
Identifies methylation quantitative trait loci at high sensitivity. tICA…
Consists of a predictor of DNA binding proteins. StackDPPred provides solutions…
Serves for network motif discovery. FSM is a scalable algorithm that consists…