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Mehraab Tariq - Electrical engineering
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Mehraab Tariq

Electrical engineering
University of Engineering and Technology Lahore • Lahore • Pakistan

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • BS-seq analysis
  • scRNA-seq analysis
  • Laser scanning microscopy
  • English

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Fields of interest

BS-seq analysis
Processes raw reads to count tables for RNA-seq data using Unique Molecular…
Examines epigenomic and transcriptomic next generation sequencing (NGS) data.…
Assists users in processing and similarity searching of next-generation…
scRNA-seq analysis
Assists users in counting small k-mer frequencies in nucleotide sequences.…
Allows to make unsupervised projection of single cells from an scRNA-seq…
Discovers key biological properties that dominate the variability between cells…
Laser scanning microscopy
Co-registers pairs of morphologies. Reg-MaxS is based on maximizing spatial…
Furnishes a method allowing extraction of biopolymer dynamics from kymographs.…
Generates 3D reconstructions with low overall normalized mean squared error…