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Shweta Ukey

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare • All India Institute of Medical Sciences Jodhpur • Jodhpur • India

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Immune system analysis
  • WGS analysis
  • RNA-seq analysis
  • English

Fields of interest

Immune system analysis
Consists of an open-source deep learning model. MHCSeqNet is a program that can…
Enables users to predict of epitope-specific T-cell receptor (TCR) sequences.…
Trains pan-specific human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-peptide binding affinity…
WGS analysis
Calculates the mutation distance between two strings of the length…
Provides several tools for processing phylogenetic. Gappa can automatically…
Incorporates tools and workflows for the analysis of environmental DNA (eDNA)…
RNA-seq analysis
Enables large-scale metagenome and transcriptome reads clustering. SpaRC is an…
Allows comparison and separation of orthology relationships. CAT uses the…
Clusters and annotates contigs from de novo transcriptome assemblies. Grouper…