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Vanessa Galdeno Freitas - Cancer
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Vanessa Galdeno Freitas

Hospital Sírio-Libanês • São Paulo • Brazil

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • WGS analysis
  • RNA-seq analysis
  • Gene expression array analysis
  • Portuguese
Programming languages
  • Python

Fields of interest

WGS analysis
Studies gene set enrichment on genome wide association studies (GWAS) summary…
Handles repeated sequences for phylogenic inference. GCTree allows users to…
Allows users to estimate the power of their sequencing experiments for copy…
RNA-seq analysis
An artificial neural networks (ANN) framework to predict patient prognosis from…
Models data to maintain realistic patterns of variation and correlation. FANGS…
Provides a method for phylogenetic reconstruction SAMedian calculates the…
Gene expression array analysis
Provides an online platform for collecting, managing, analyzing, visualizing…
Serves as a fully automatic analysis of protein family conservation within a…
Gathers investigations of phytohormone responses. GSHR employs the integration…