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Xiaoyue Wang - CRISPR
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Xiaoyue Wang

China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences • Beijing • China

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • Genome edition
  • WGS analysis
  • scRNA-seq analysis
  • Chinese
  • English
Programming languages
  • Python

Fields of interest

Genome edition
Arranges single-nucleotide and amino acid variants genome-wide and measures…
Examines and evaluates sequencing reads from clustered regularly interspaced…
Predicts model for single guide RNA (sgRNA) on-target knockout efficacy and…
WGS analysis
Predicts de novo profile generation based on sequence context. SPBuild…
Corrects genotype calls for improving genetic mapping in F2 and recombinant…
Identifies somatic copy number variations (CNVs). SCDT proposes an application…
scRNA-seq analysis
Recovers the true expression level of each gene in each cell. SAVER is based on…
Enables de novo discovery of both continuous and discrete expression patterns…
Allows calculation of energy landscapes and probabilistic directed graphs for…