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Xueping Shi - Associate Professor
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Xueping Shi

Associate Professor
Huazhong Agricultural University • Wuhan • China

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • RNA-seq analysis
  • Gene expression array analysis
  • NMR-based proteomics analysis
  • Chinese

Fields of interest

RNA-seq analysis
Implements an indexing data structure for compacted de Bruijn graph (dBG) and…
Deduces alternative polyadenylation (APA) from conventional RNA-seq data. QAPA…
Allows users to test multiple gene sets on a tree-transformed gene ontology…
Gene expression array analysis
Serves for processing Infinium DNA methylation data. SeSAMe consists of light…
Calculates average amino-acid identity (AAI) between a query proteome and all…
Allows users to perform clustering analysis. NNC is a method based on k-means…
NMR-based proteomics analysis
Automates the elimination of noise peaks. Filt Robot employs convolutional…
Assists users to perform spectra analysis. Dumpling comprises the following…
Performs general ensemble-based validation step and a simple and…