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Yury Desyaterik - Staff Scientist
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Yury Desyaterik

Staff Scientist
University of North Carolina System • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill • Chapel Hill • United States of America

Skills and expertise

Fields of interest
  • MS-based untargeted proteomics
  • MS-based untargeted metabolomics
  • Mass spectrometry imaging
  • English

Fields of interest

MS-based untargeted proteomics
Visualizes mass spectrometry data. xiSPEC is a web application dedicated to the…
Assists users to analyze data and biological processes. Instant Clue is…
Evaluates the quality of crosslinked models based on the distances estimated by…
MS-based untargeted metabolomics
Focuses on solving the target control problem. This method is based on an…
Enables the detection of regulated modules in metabolomics networks at…
Provides a package for metabolic modeling of microbial communities. Micom…
Mass spectrometry imaging
Allows visualization of characteristics of liquid chromatography–mass…
Assists users with multiple imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) analyses.…
Supplies an algorithm for peak deconvolution for linear matrix-assisted laser…